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October 22, 2011
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Rainmeter Xkon by Xuanhao Rainmeter Xkon by Xuanhao

===Xkon?! What is that?===

Xkon is a suite for Rainmeter that aims to enhance user desktop experience at the same time looking elegant.

Xkon includes the following
- Aero Blur(Centre Background)
- Clock(12hrs/24hrs)
- Date(Day, Date, Month, Year)
- Weather(Graphics, Temperature, Description)
- Uptime(Display Hours)
- CPU(Usage of Cores)
- RAM(Physical RAM Memory)
- Hard Drive(C:\,D:\)
- Network(In, Out, Total)
- Power(Battery, AC-Line)
- Program Shortcuts(Up to 4 Programs)
- Site Shortcuts(Up to 4 Sites)
- Twitter(Up to 3 Tweets)
- Facebook(Up to 9 Notifications)

===Installation?! OH no?===

Installation of Skin
- Copy the Xkon folder into "C:\Users\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins"
- Restart Rainmeter after copying.
*Rainmeter 2.1 or higher is required to install*

Installation of Weather Location Code
- Open file Xkon.ini in notepad
- Under [Variables], LocationCode=Enter your Weather Location Code here*
- Under [Variables], TempUnit=Enter your temperature unit**
*Can be found from Weather Location Codes/IDs
**For Celsius is TempUnit=m, for Fahrenheit TempUnit=f

Installation of Twitter RSS Feeds
- Open file Xkon.ini in notepad
- Under [Variables], TwitterUserName=Enter your Twitter Username here

Installation of Facebook RSS Feeds
- Open file Xkon.ini in notepad
- Under [Variables], FacebookRSSUrl=Enter your Facebook RSS URL here
*Can be found from Facebook Notifications > Get notifications via: RSS*

===Updates?! Yay, new features?===

Version 1.1(18 October 2011)
- NEW Network meter
- NEW Time meter
- NEW Twitter meter
- NEW Uptime meter
- NEW Weather meter

Version 1.2(19 October 2011)
- Improved Time Meter
- Improved Twitter Meter
- Improved Weather Meter

Version 2.1(21 October 2011)
- NEW management of Codes
- NEW management of Files
- NEW management of Syntax
- NEW Power meter
- NEW Refresh meter
- Added CSS
- Added Shortcut effect
- Added Twitter link
- Improved Power meter

Version 2.2(24 October 2011)
- Resolve CDATA bug for Facebook RSS feeds

Version 2.3(27 November 2012)
- Update the api of weather
- Remove loading text for weather

===Credits?! Thanks?===

- Inspired by Before Dawn RM Bar.
- Clock graphics by ~marcarnal.
- Refresh graphics by ~Wrecklaimer.
- Shortcuts graphics by ~lianx-design & ~chrfb.
- Wallpaper graphics by ~petercui.
- Weather graphics by Rebek Beno Zsolt.
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SstrangerR Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
very nice .... its awesome...........

2wise Sep 12, 2013  Student General Artist
I don't usually leave comments on basic experiments like this but I find this worth it to do so. I like this skin, even though it's been years made it still can blend through the new age for graphics and designs.

It seems we have a issue here though, FacebookRSS feed stop working & Twitter seems to never worked even though my account is set to non-private.

I apologize for bothering but thanks in advance! Cheers!
I downloaded the Installer and ran it. It installed the program apparently but I only get weather.ini and xkon.ini. Help !
Nice! Very powerful setup
Is it possible to use a different rss-feed instead of facebook or twitter?
If there is a possibility, how can I do it?

By the way; yout skin is awesome :D
Cuddlenator Jun 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I got FB working, but twitter won't work at all ;/
Seriously , cannot figure out how to get the Twitter && Facebook attachments working , little help possibly ?
very nice ,any chance you expand a bit on the facebook option?
Where do I get this awesome wallpaper?!?!
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